Japanese Seahorse

sleepy seahorseOnce we came down from the mountains seeing the macaques, Eye ‘N Stein and I decided to go for a swim in the Sea of Japan and we found a very unique fish. This fish is not like any other fish. It is the seahorse.

He sure does not look like a fish, but he is. This little upright swimmer can be found all over the world and is quite interesting.


Here are some cool facts about our little buddy:

There are 53 different species of seahorses;

They are bad swimmers;

full grown pigmySeahorses constantly eat;

Some seahorse species, when fully grown, are less than an inch long;

They have skin, not scales;

The male gives birth to the babies (see video below);

Seahorses have to wrap their tales around something so they do not float away when they sleep.


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seahorse eyes

Did you know that the seahorse’s eyes are much like the chameleon’s? 

Seahorses eyes are mobile and can move independently which helps them to see their prey or predators without moving their bodies. This also prevents the prey or predators from spotting them while the seahorse looking at them.


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Japanese Macaque

SeeMore Sights & Eye 'N Stein in JapanWe have enjoyed our time in New Zealand so much! That is one of the most beautiful places on earth. It is so beautiful in fact, that many movies are made here because of it’s beauty.

We have caught a hop (a quick flight) from New Zealand to the land of the ‘Rising Sun’. The land of electronics. The land of the samurai. We are in Japan.

Japan is an ‘archipelago’ which means ‘a string of islands’. It has four main islands and over 4,000 smaller islands! The population of Japan is almost 128M (128,000,000).

One of the nice locals here that we met translated my name into the Kanji, what Japanese people speak: 

より多くの光景を参照してください。(translates into See More Sights).

SeeMore Sights & Eye 'N Stein with the Macaque Monkey in a Hot Spring

Japan has various types of landscape. One type that is predominant is mountains. In those mountains live a peculiar monkey called the Japanese Macaque that is native to Japan, that is that it only lives there. 

seemore-homepage-snow-monkeyAnd this monkey loves a good bath. Not just any bath though. The mountains in Japan are full of hot springs that the Macaque cannot get enough of.

 These little guys come down from the snowy mountains to warm up. The crazy thing is, once they get in, they do not necessarily want to get out. Check out the video below on their hot spring habits.

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Macaques have excellent vision. They spend a majority of their time looking into the thick fur coat of their family and friends picking out bugs to eat. YUCK!!!

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The Kiwi

SeeMore-Sights-WellingtonWe have caught a short flight from Australia to New Zealand. It is a small island that is southeast of the island continent.  This is almost as good as it gets – New Zealand is an absolutely beautiful place. There are some strange facts though about this place. Did you know that there are more sheep than humans here? For every ONE person, there are NINE sheep. Crazy, huh? Also, Wellington, the capital city of New Zealand, is the southern most capital city in the world (we are low on the globe!) AND – this place was the last place on earth to be called ‘home’ by humans!


The mascot for New Zealand is just the cutest little thing you ever did see. It is called the Kiwi. Now I know what you are thinking and no, it is not a fruit; it is a bird.

Curious as to what they sound like?

SeeMore-Sights---Kiwi-StampHe is small, like a chicken, and cannot fly. What they do well though is smell. That is weird considering that most birds do not have a sense of smell.

Here are some cool Kiwi facts:

When a male finds a female, they live together until death;

The Kiwi can live up to 40 years;

He is mainly nocturnal (that means he sleeps during the day and is active at night)’

They often eat small invertebrates, seeds, grubs, and many varieties of worms, as well as fruit, small crayfish, eels and amphibians;

The plural of kiwi is kiwi, not kiwis;

The Kiwi is so popular that in 1900, New Zealand put it on a stamp!

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SeeMore-Sights---Kiwi-01Did you know that most birds have little or no sense of smell? Of course you did – I just told you up there. The kiwi though, compensates for its poor vision with highly developed senses of smell and touch.

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