Barreleye Fish

SeeMore Sights Barreleye Fish

We are continuing our journey around the world and we just left the jungle after visiting our furry little, the Tarsier. We needed to cool off, and decided to go swimming in the Atlantic Ocean. Boy, that place is deep. We were diving so deep that we started seeing animals we had never seen before. One particular fish caught our eye (no pun intended).

Have you ever heard of the barreleye fish? Neither had we until we saw it. You have to see it to believe it.

Some people call him the ‘Spook Fish’. He lives more than 2,000 feet below the ocean’s surface. Usually, the water is so dark down there, however, we got a really good look at him and was able to get some great footage.

SeeMore Sights Barreleye Fish

“What makes him so special?” 

The barreleye fish’s head is transparent. You can literally look inside his head!! He spends most of his time motionless, eyes upward, waiting on food to pass by.

See the picture above of him? At fish glance, I thought that the two small dark spots near his mouth were his eyes, but I was mistaken. They are actually his NOSE!!! Looking at him more closely, the big green dots in his transparent head that are facing up are his eyes!!

SeeMore Sights Barreleye Fish

This very elusive fish has never been caught alive; he is very good at getting away from predators. See the video below to see him in action!!


SeeMore Sights, Fact of the DayDid you know that the Barreleye fish can rotate his eyes 90 degrees? His eyes are normally are in the ‘up’ position. When he goes in to grab his prey, his eyes rotate forward so he can see what he is eating.

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