Chinese Panda Bear

SeeMore Sights - Panda Bear in Water

We will admit, we were kind of tired of the snow in Siberia, so we headed south into China. This place is really big!! It has over 3.6 million square miles of land and has over 1,300,000,000 (that’s 1.3 BILLION) people.

With such a vast land, we looked high and low for an animal that is unique and could not find in the wild back in the States. We had to go and find the mascot of China. Can you guess what it is? That’s right – the panda bear.

SeeMore Sights - Panda Bear EatingThe panda is a bit different from most other bears. Here are some interesting panda bear facts:

  • Panda bears do not hibernate.
  • They are large, cuddly animals who mainly eat bamboo and can weigh up to 250 pounds!
  • Pandas can live up to 30 years old.
  • There are about 1,000 pandas left in the wild.
  • Pandas are excellent tree climbers.
  • The natural habitat of the panda is cool, wet, cloudy mountain forest land where bamboo grows.

SeeMore Sights, Fact of the Day

Most bears’ eyes have round pupils. The exception is the giant panda, whose pupils are vertical slits, like cats’ eyes. These unusual eyes inspired the Chinese to call the panda the “giant cat bear.” 

Pandas have very good eyesight.

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