Japanese Seahorse

sleepy seahorseOnce we came down from the mountains seeing the macaques, Eye ‘N Stein and I decided to go for a swim in the Sea of Japan and we found a very unique fish. This fish is not like any other fish. It is the seahorse.

He sure does not look like a fish, but he is. This little upright swimmer can be found all over the world and is quite interesting.


Here are some cool facts about our little buddy:

There are 53 different species of seahorses;

They are bad swimmers;

full grown pigmySeahorses constantly eat;

Some seahorse species, when fully grown, are less than an inch long;

They have skin, not scales;

The male gives birth to the babies (see video below);

Seahorses have to wrap their tales around something so they do not float away when they sleep.


SeeMore Sights, Fact of the Day

seahorse eyes

Did you know that the seahorse’s eyes are much like the chameleon’s? 

Seahorses eyes are mobile and can move independently which helps them to see their prey or predators without moving their bodies. This also prevents the prey or predators from spotting them while the seahorse looking at them.


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