King Cobra

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Just across the Red Sea from the Sudan is the vast land of Saudi Arabia. While mostly a barren land, Saudi Arabia’s animals have adapted to a rough style of habitat. Eye ‘N Stein and I came across a very dangerous, yet very beautiful animal – The King Cobra

King cobras are found in a wide variety environments throughout the world. The king cobra is one of the venomous snakes on the globe. It has been said that one bite of it’s venom can make one elephant or up to 20 men sick. 

SeeMore SIghts - King Cobra One of the features that makes the king cobra radically different from all other snakes is it’s ‘hood’. When the cobra is threatened or wants to show dominance, the neck of the snake has long cervical ribs capable of expanding to form a hood, like all other cobras. The hood plays a big part in its fearsome ‘threat posture’. The eyes are quite big with round pupils. 

His head can be as big as a man’s hand and can stand tall enough to look you straight in the eye. The king cobra can stand up to one third of its total length or from 3 to 6 ft height and has the ability to move forward in the intimidating posture. 

The King cobra’s hissing sounds more like a dog’s growl and is much lower than most snakes. The hiss is produced by tiny holes in the trachea, which is resonated by the lung.

SeeMore Sights, Fact of the DayDespite being color blind, the King cobra’s eyesight is better than most snakes, and can see prey as far as 300 feet away. They also can flick their tongues to pick up scents. By combining these two different senses, king cobras are deadly predators. Once they have paralyzed their victims, king cobras will swallow them whole!!! Ugghh!

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