Kri-Kri of Greece

Crete, Greece

Crete, Greece: via Google Maps

We have traveled from Saudi Arabia to the historical country of Greece. What an awesome place! We have just visited the Parthenon in Athens. The construction of this great structure began in 447 BC and was completed in 438 BC.

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Parthenon, Athens, Greece

Like most Greek temples, it was used a treasury. The ancient architecture of Greece is breath-taking. We traveled south to the island of Crete and found an animal with an amazing set of eyes.


SeeMore Sights, Kri-kri 02The Kri-kri is a subspecies of the Wild Goat, but has been recently found to be a feral variety of the domestic goat. It is native to the Eastern Mediterranean, now found only on the island of Crete.

His coat is a light brownish coat with a darker band around its neck. It has two horns swept back from the head and can leap some distance or climb extremely steep cliffs.

In the 1960’s, their numbers dwindled to about 200. Now, there are only about 2,000 animals on the island and they are considered vulnerable; hunting them is strictly prohibited.

SeeMore Sights, Kri-kriWhat is so special about the Kri-kri’s eyes? Where as you and I have a round pupil, the Kri-kri (like other goats) has rectangular pupils. Goats, like most hoofed mammals, have horizontal pupils. 

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The width of the pupils allows the animals to see at a 330 degree angle, as opposed to humans who generally see at around a 185 degree angle. The purpose of those elongated pupils is to allow them to scan the horizon for possible predators.

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