Siberian Tiger

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As fascinating as Crete, Greece was, Eye ‘N Stein and I made our way into the wintery wonderland of Siberia, Russia. We were trying to find the powerful, yet beautiful animal, the Siberian Tiger.

Siberia is a huge mass of land consuming most of Northern Asia – it covers 5.1 million square miles. The terrain of Siberia is a mixed one made up of mountains, grasslands and lakes & rivers. Some of its mountains are over half a mile high!!!

SeeMore Sights - Siberian TigerOnce deep into the cold, snowy landscape, we found who we were looking for. Here are some AWESOME tiger facts:

  • The Siberian Tiger is the largest living cat.
  • His coat is a beautiful reddish/rusty coat.
  • He can weigh up to 460 pounds!
  • Tigers have a well-developed sense of smell, however, it’s rarely used for hunting. Smell is most commonly used to communicate with other tigers.
  • His hearing is exceptional, which they use to locate prey in dense cover.
  • Tigers also have a well-developed sense of touch. Mother tigers and cubs, and courting pairs often rub against and lick each other.
  • As of last record, there are about 400 – 500 tigers left in the wild.

SeeMore Sights, Fact of the DayDid you know?

During the day, tigers see like you and I do. However, during the night, their vision is 6 times better than ours!!! Their eyes have a pupil that can get very wide and was designed to allow as much light in as possible.

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