The Ferocious Tasmanian Devil

G’day, mate! Have another shrimp on the barby!! Ok, that’s kind of cheesy, but Eye ‘N Stein and I are in a land ‘down under’ – we made it to Australia! We just left China after hanging out with probably one of the most recognized animals in the world, the panda bear. Now, we are looking for something not so cuddly. 

SeeMore SIghts - Tasmanian Devil 03Did you know that Australia is called the great ‘Island Continent’? It is actually the world’s largest island. Also, while it is roughly the same size as the United States (which is made up of 50 states), Australia has only six states. There is much to cover and we might be here a while.

Once we traveled south, we found an island called Tasmania. Can you guess what animal we found? That is right – the Tasmanian Devil. This little dog sized, furry, stinky little guy is kind of the unofficial mascot of Australia. 

Now, you may be wondering how this peticular animal got it’s name ‘devil’. It has to do with the way they display themselves: harsh screeches and snarls and opening their mouths wide to show their sharp teeth & its blood-curdling nocturnal screams.

SeeMore SIghts - Tasmanian Devil 04Interesting Tasmanian Devil Facts:

  • They feed mostly on the remains of dead animals;
  • When confronted, a Tasmanian devil will often yawn at its tormentor as if pretending to be unbothered by the threat;
  • They live up to five years;
  • They can have around 20 babies;
  • The mother carries her young in her ‘pouch’.


SeeMore Sights, Fact of the Day

Devils are solitary and nocturnal, spending their days alone in hollow logs, caves, or burrows, and emerging at night to feed. They use their long whiskers and excellent sense of smell and awesome night vision sight to avoid predators and locate prey and carrion. They’ll eat pretty much anything they can get their teeth on, and when they do find food, they are voracious, consuming everything.

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