The Mighty Hippopotamus

SeeMore-Sights-SudanEye ‘N Stein and I had just dried off from our swim in the Atlantic and seeing a Barreleye Fish, we travel from the coast to the desert of Sudan. The Sudan is in Northern Africa. For the most part, it is flat, dry plains with a mountainous range to the north and rainforest in the south. The Nile River separates the East & the West portions of the country.

It is rich in minerals such as copper, gold, iron, nickel and zinc. The Sudan is also home to several endangered species:  WaldrappNorthern White RhinocerosTora HartebeestSlender-horned Gazelle, and Hawksbill Turtle.

SeeMore Sights - Hippo 01

We have just come across one of the largest land animals in the world – the mighty hippopotamus. The elephant and rhinoceros are slightly heavier than the hippo. Hippopotamuses (try saying that five times fast) can weigh between 1.5 to 3 tons!!!

Hippos are semi-aquatic. You will find them near rivers, lakes & swamps. They like to hang out in the water but also like to graze and eat on dry land. And do not be fooled by their large size as they are extremely quick. They have been known to run up to 19 MPH and can easily outrun a human.

Contrary to popular belief, they  are herbivores, not marblevores. They have even been popularized in music being being on a little girl’s Christmas list. 

  – Click to hear what one little girl wants for Christmas!!!

SeeMore Sights, Fact of the Day

SeeMore Sights - Hippo 02

Hippos can see under the water with excellent precision, but what is really fascinating about their eyes is the clear layer of membrane that protects them from debris found underwater.

You can kind of see it in the picture.

While we cannot see underwater without goggles, you too can have excellent vision. If you are having problems reading this text, seeing the pictures of the hippos or you have trouble seeing in class, ask your mommy & daddy to get you an eye exam. Come see Dr. Wanda Batson and her staff at Okaloosa Eye Care in Crestview, Florida. Call for an appointment today:

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